Hinged Doors

Our OMEGA range of Hinged Doors provides a flat-faced frame for a contemporary, robust appearance.

Standard Residential

Residential Hinged & French Door Features:

  • OMEGA’s European strip drive multi-point locking systems providing a rattle-free locking system.
  • Adjustable door bracing system, anti-drop components.
  • OMEGA’s proprietary stainless steel hinged door strike plates with concealed fixings.
  • Highly durable cast stainless steel lock connection, locking tip and lock tip strike.
  • Door rail option available with a rebate for automatic smoke-stop seal. Can be utilised with 3 sided frames to provide draught control without a sill frame member.

Thermal Architectural Series


  • Solid European design to help eliminate Bi-Metallic effect.
  • Thermal break to outside for higher thermal performance
  • Proprietary multi point locking system for strength and convenience.
  • Foam perimeter seals available for high performance resistance to water and air infiltration.
  • OMEGA European strip drive provides rattle-free door locking

Architectural Series

  • Heavy Duty 46mm Cast Aluminium Hinges to provide durability and strength.
  • 52mm panel depth to provide additional span capability for the door suite.
  • Omega proprietary strip drive locking. Provides durable/silent operation for multi-point locking of doors.
  • Range of proprietary stainless steel door strikes with concealed fixings.
  • Wide door stile and rail options for additional strength.
  • Foam Q Lon perimeter sealing for higher weathering and acoustic performance.